Amazing Comeback by Team Godlike shocked the entire Tournament !!! Click to know what happened…
9 months 2 days ago

The widely popular BGMI Master Series 2022 which was going great so far, just became all the more amazing and sensational when Team Godlike stormed the tournament with an incredible comeback and shocked every single team. The teams were fighting to qualify themselves for the Weekly Finale scheduled for the 1st week of July, but never did they know that the thunder of Team Godlike would strike them.

Godlike, until yesterday, was coming last with merely 7 Finishes and 8 Total Points and 0 WWCDs. The team was under a lot of pressure from the fans who could watch them LIVE on StarSports every night at 8:30 pm. Today, they massacred everyone in their way. It made 13 Finishes, won their 1st WWCD and 39 Total Points today. From coming #24 the team now stands strong at rank #10.

The current statistics of Team Godlike is - 1 WWCD | 20 Finishes | 47 Total Points | #10

While the teams were astounded with Godlike’s performance, they were no less in portraying their calibre and worthiness to win the tournament.


1st Orangutan 7 1 100
2nd Enigma Gaming 6 2 73
3rd OR Esports 7 1 73
4th Revenant Esports 5 0 60
5th Team Soul 7 0 55


Ranked #11 until Day 2 with 34 Total Points and 0 WWCDs, Team ORANGUTAN now has overthrown OR Esports and ranks #1 with 100 Total Points and 1 WWCD. Enigma Gaming won 37 points and 1 chicken dinner today. It stands #2nd with 2 WWCDs and 73 Total Points. OR Esports, that held the top position for a long time now stands #3rd with 1 WWCD and 73 Total Points. The 4th Team is Revenant Esports with 60 Total Points. The team previously ranked #3rd with 46 Total Points. The 5th Team is Soul with 55 Total Points. Both of them have 0 WWCDs till now.


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