BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals - Day 1
8 months 2 weeks ago

After a month-long fight of India’s first ever tournament telecasted LIVE on the Indian Television, the Battlegrounds are all-set to witness the historic GRAND FINALE of the historic tournament. Battling themselves through 2 weeks of Qualifier Rounds and 2 series of Weekly Finals, 16 of the 24 teams have powerfully and resolutely paved their way to play the BGMI MASTER SERIES GRAND FINALE 2022.

The Finale will take place from 13th June to 17th June 2022. The winner at the end of the finals will be awarded with the Champions Cup and an enormous cash prize worth Rs 25 lacs. Not only that, the winner shall also create a benchmark in the history of Esports as being the first ever winner of the first Esports tournament in India of its kind. Are you prepared to watch these dynamic tournaments clash against each other? Who will create history in the pages of Esports? Who will become the ultimate champion?

The first day of the Grand Finale was no less grand than the fans had expected. Every team was introduced with an entry of grandeur. Their amazing gaming skills, commendable performance and overall ranking was discussed by the panellists. The teams were dressed in their ever-glistening jerseys and a spark of confidence and zest shone on their personas. They were informed of the maps and teams they were going to play against and the finale commenced.



#4 TEAM SOUL 0 44


The tournament did not fail to excite everyone from the start till the very end. The skillful players won their teams remarkable points at the end of day 1. Team Godlike stood true to its name and came #1, winning their 1st chicken dinner and 68 total points. They started off really well and managed to take the lead from the beginning. Following were Global Esports and Orangutan, who won their 1st chicken dinner as well and scored 57 points and 48 points respectively. They were sure to give a tough time to their opponents in today’s games. Not far behind were Team Soul and Team Enigma Forever. Although they could not win a chicken dinner, they scored 44 and 42 points in total. No mercy or gratitude did they show to their rivals, and straightaway did they make it to the TOP 5.

The team that could really use some effective communication and team planning would be OR Esports. The team won only 7 points today. They were unable to secure any chicken dinner or finishes. Team 8BIT played better than but not enough to win merely 10 points. They too could not win a chicken dinner for themselves. Nigma Galaxy, FS Esports and Blind Esports had cut-throat competition and tied with 14 points and no chicken dinner in total.

Every team played 4 matches each. It means that all of them will get equal opportunity every day throughout the finals to win the tournament.

Who are you vouching for?

What is the rank of your favourite team?

Do you think the top 5 will change tomorrow?

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