BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals - Day 2
8 months 2 weeks ago

The 2nd Day of the BGMI Master Series 2022 just got over and it could not have been any less exciting and mind numbing. The viewers experienced mixed emotions today. While the outstanding performance of Global Esports was applauded, Soul was questioned for their terrible mistake which made them lose their almost-won chicken dinner! What made Soul take the drastic step? How did Global manage to top the points table again?



#3 TEAM SOUL 0 94


Below mentioned are some of the explicit highlights of today’s game that shall give an answer to all such questions.


How to describe this game? A fluke? A courageous battle? Or a disaster? The game was owned by Soul, but Chemin Esports stole the chicken dinner from its mouth! Chemin had no chance of winning the game. Amidst the game, one of the players needed revival. Hector and another player gave into the spur of the moment and instead of reviving their team player, went ahead to through the nade. Delta being far behind could not do much. He saw all his three players collapse. Playing extremely ‘edge-to-edge’, Delta was patient and did not show his presence until the very last moment when only 4 players of Soul were left. They assumed everyone to either be dead or busy healing themselves. Call it their overconfidence or blunder, but what happened next shook everyone. Chemin’s Delta slithered towards them slowly, constantly playing within the zone. He threw the nade to inflict some damage and just went for their lives. It was a 1v4 situation where he killed 3 players of Soul and the 4th collapsed as a result of leaving the zone. Soul Goblin had MG3 and 75 bullets, yet could not defeat the sole warrior Delta! As promised by their coach before the match, Chemin Esports won the impossible chicken dinner of Match 5.

An analysis of Team Soul’s performance revealed an interesting fact. It has been observed since Week 2, that the team begins really well. It is organised, has good formation and seems all prepared to win the game. However, as the game proceeds, they start losing themselves. They tend to create trouble for themselves only in the last deciding moments of the game. Whatever may be the reason, this incident was indeed the best showstopper of today. The way Delta snatched the impossible win from Soul out of nowhere took everyone by surprise. Now you know why the BGMI Master Series is not over till the last second.



The second match witnessed a peculiar circle in the map which had never been witnessed before in the tournament. However, Revenant Esports tackled it with sweet delicacy! The Western, Eastern and Southern fronts, they provided good coverage with incredible rotations and back-clearing. One of the noteworthy tactics the team used was the switch where one player was at the back in boot camp and 2 went forward. What a beautiful move! Sanhok has always been the home map of Revenant and today their chicken dinner in the map made them enter the top 8 in overall ranking. When interviewed they said that their coach knew the future and that's what happened.

 Another interesting highlight was the battle between Global Esports and 8Bit. Global has always come off as a strong team capable of ruthless wins. 8Bit however was determined to take this team down. After yesterday’s defeat, the team retrospected their shortcomings and tried to do something new today. They made an aggressive start. They got down instantly and without wasting a single moment, finished off Rony, the key asset of Global Esports. This new strategy enabled them to win over the team with much ease.



Orangutan is a team which usually comes off strong in the map of Erangel. However, the team amazed everyone by winning a chicken dinner in Miramar today! While others were battling in the city, they were on the other end. They were sure to pick the right fights. Soul too was playing well aggressively but screwed up the situation in the building. One of the reasons they began losing was because Daljit delayed. Moreover, Orangutan was present right outside the building. Thus, they entered a choke situation and succumbed to their opponent. Nevertheless, the MVP of the match was Soul Goblin with 5 Finishes and 1035 damage. He fought really well with Z-God, completely away from his team. Moreover, when the circle shifted to the southern side, Goblin came all the way back while the majority of the cluster was on the western side.



The chicken dinner was undoubtedly won by Global Esports who gave a very entertaining performance in the match. Rony was declared as the MVP with 4 finishes and 1051 damage. The performance was very impactful, especially towards the end when numerous smokes were laid down everywhere and he jumped into the area right after. He managed to revive Joker which seemed next to impossible. Another player of the team, Manya, had a planned angle, and a proper crossfire set-up. Another thing that favoured them was that the zone comprised their very home. And who knows better than Global Esports to kill their enemy in their own home. The only difference this time was that they waited patiently for their enemies, who came to them and got finished in their home. The teams that Global Esports took down in the match included 8Bit, FS, OR, Blind and Chemin. They managed to kill and knock down some players of other teams as well. And thus, at the end of the day, the ranked #1 with 2 WWCDs and 112 points in total.


It was indeed a terrific day. It is hoped that teams like 8Bit and Nigma Galaxy that are at the bottom of the overall ranking will up their games and provide more competition and challenge to the other teams.

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