BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals - Day 3
8 months 2 weeks ago

The 3rd Day of the Master Series 2022 Grand Finale is over and there is so much to tell you guys about it! To begin with, after 2 rough days, Soul has finally won a chicken dinner for itself!!! Yes you heard that right! Moreover, Orangutan too won a chicken dinner and has topped the WWCD list! The overall standings chart is skyrocketing with 100s of points and dozens of finishes! Keep reading to know all about today’s matches.



#1 TEAM SOUL 1 139
#4 ORANGUTAN 3 124


Let's have a glimpse of today’s highlights.

It is said that hard work always pays off. Well, that’s what happened to Soul in today’s first match! After continuously trying hard for the past two day, Soul finally won a chicken dinner! As simple it sounds, the story behind the victory is much more intriguing. It starts with an extraordinary fight between Enigma Gaming and Team Enigma Forever. It was one of the first fights of the game and definitely a fantastic one. Enigma Forever was on a whole new level today. 420s fantastic clutch proved why he’s one of the veterans of the game! He was running on low HP and there was only one player of Enigma opposite him, who was on full HP. The way he kited… he went left, came right, got cover, crouched and was constantly giving damage, and soon enough, finished the enemy. After defeating Enigma, they turned around only to find Godlike hunting them like hungry lions! They were waiting for the hard shift but rather than going into the zone, they decided to go for Enigma Forever. That’s how they played edge-to-edge today. Their first rotation was indeed worthwhile.

Everything was going well for Godlike, except their luck. It was Soul’s day today.The zone was constantly going to Soul. The team, since the beginning, knew exactly where they had to be. The circle was in an open position. There was only one compound in this circle and it was under Soul’s control all throughout the match. It created for them an open hunting season! The entire lobby could be seen coming from the field and Soul seized this opportunity to keep making finishes. No 4v4 against Soul was possible. Godlike had a good charge over the match but lost due to several reasons. First, the circle was favouring Soul. Second, they somewhat extended the fight and third, they should have focussed more on the zone. After fighting Enigma Forever, they lost one of their players. Since it was an open field, they eventually went 3-men-down and couldn’t even make the entry. Their attempt to enter knocked Jonathan, followed by ZGod. Soul MVP Akshat made 753 damage and 25:32 survival time. The viewers finally got to see the long-awaited mega fight Soul vs Godlike.

There was a slight twist in the tale where Godlike wiped off Soul in Miramar but they too could not survive for long.

Other highlights of the game included the fight between Global and Insane. Global finished a player first, then traded a bit but because the circle was open, and they knew someone would be there in the single compound, they had to push forward and thus got outnumbered by Soul. Global is well known for 4v4 battles but they lost the game due to lack of gunpower. The team executed a good rotation in Miramar. Orangutan too had a great 4v4 team but suddenly got wiped by Godlike! Blind Esports played safe and managed to win points from hither-thither. They made no impactful fight but managed to impress the viewers with their safe gameplay.


How to tackle an enemy in an open area circle (like Soul in this match)?

Our analogy: It really depends on the objective of the team. If the circle is above a particular team and you want to take-over the compound anyway, it could be beneficial to give a coverfire from behind while the rest of the team tries to push forward. Good usage of grenades is also important. However, since you are exposed in an open field and the enemy has a wide shooting range, it is a 50-50 chance that you gotta take.


Let’s see who won the remaining matches.

Insane ruled Sanhok today! They were unstoppable and left no stone unturned to win themselves a chicken dinner. Another team that showed exceptional skills was Orangutan. They were playing split and making kills in every area. Towards the end, they finished 8Bit and won the chicken dinner! 8Bit vs Enigma Gaming was the highlight of the last match! Although 8Bit finished the match with a chicken dinner, it was in vain! Since many teams have performed better than 8Bit in these 3 days of the finale, they are less likely to make a difference. But you never know what surprise they come up with tomorrow, because It is not over until it's over! The last match also witnessed 2 early casualties of Godlike, but 2 of their players survived and led the their team to come #3. Soul and Global were eliminated early.

Soul is finally back in the game with a remarkable comeback and there is neck-to-neck competition between the top 5 teams of the points table. The final day of this historic tournament is still left and the suspense and thrill just got doubled.

What will happen tomorrow?

Will we see another chicken dinner from Soul?

Who will hold the legendary Master Series 2022 Trophy?

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