BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals - Day 4
8 months 2 weeks ago

Every day brings a hot topic of conversation in this historic tournament. The second-last day of the Grand Finale brought into the plate a lot of sensational highlights. Just one more day is left and the situation is getting intense with every passing minute! To even discuss the winning possibility of any team is tough! Keep reading to know the astonishing highlights of today’s game.



#2 ORANGUTAN 3 166
#3 TEAM SOUL 1 153


Let's have a glimpse of today’s highlights.

One of the most technical games of this grand finals, OR Esports was all everyone could talk about! They made clean rotations and early controls and during zone shift they got into the compound of the open farm and set their entire game from there on. It was a very simple yet complicated match. They got down into the Apartment and soon enough lose out their 1st player. The compound of the circle, similar to a core circle, was very important. The key moment was to get hold of it as other teams were targeting it from behind. But OR Esports managed to hold it first. However, the MVP was Eggy from Enigma Gaming. He was also seen playing well against XO. He also put great pressure against Blind but the favourite player of the match has got to be Attanki of OR Esports. Up until 24:30, it seemed that Enigma Gaming was going to win the game. Though Enigma Gaming put up a good fight, the duo of Aditya and Attanki was unstoppable. When Aditya got knocked by SG players, Attanki went and revived him. They switched, created crossfires, and won the chicken dinner. Blind Esports too closed out a really good fight but they were clueless about OR’s Aditya. Enigma Gaming showcased a lot of action with clean fights. They had early control, had south-eastern edge and played it out really well because most of the other teams were trying to approach from the northern side. Another interesting fact was that the first blood in this match was done by OR. Nobody was able to push them until the end zone. 3 Godlike players had almost finished team Soul in a 4v4 fight. But all of a sudden they decide to rotate and get into the zone but Soul thought otherwise… They kept fighting in the georgopole. OR has jumped up 4 positions today and is now #11 with 1 WWCD and 72 total points.


With consistent great performance, Enigma Gaming finally entered the top 5. They were seen playing very defensive in this game. They respected the zone. However, the pivotal point was when the zone shifted upwards. The team was not prepared for it and got finished! The MVP of the game was Daljit from Enigma Forever with 23:50 survival time and 538 damage. The reason behind their consistency is the great performance shown by every team player, especially two players, 420 and Daljit. Daljit showed his terror in Miramar as he pounced on OR with nade! Enigma Forever is not giving any chance when things are under their control.

An interesting battle was between Blind and team Enigma Forever! Blind’s player had the opportunity to peek outside the shack at the right time and put down a player and get back inside. But a slight off timing and both the opponent players threw their cross-airs together at him and did a quick finish. Enigma Gaming seems to be showing a magician’s magic today! They came #2 in the first game and stole the chicken dinner in this one! They indeed do not need to become a zone magnet. Enigma Gaming’s players had a great northern edge and were enjoying seeing the other teams of the lobby finishing one another. They slowly moved to the southern side and won the game.

But one thing has left even the panellists confused as to why Global is constantly picking up fights with 8Bit! They could have avoided them, got anywhere else but nope. Is there an ego battle going on? What do you think?


It was a high finish game! Our team was constantly following the live rankings and saw the number of points team Godlike gathered. It can be safely said that when Godlike plays a game technically, it means things are not going their way. They are better in a free-flow strategy. This time, they came and one by one finished each and every squad! In the end, they became opportunistic. They saw Enigma Forever and OG’s fight and seized the right opportunity to finish and ultimately won the chicken dinner. The other 15 teams could feel the horror of Godlike in this match! Godlike has now become the classic old Godlike that hundreds of their fans were desperately waiting to watch! The MVP of the match was undoubtedly Jonathan. 26:33 survival time and 1375 damage.. what more do you ask??? He legit became a killing machine and be it RNT or Enigma, there was no team on which he did not give hate and make a kill!!! He even killed Soul towards the end. Neyo too was no less than Jonathan. The era of this mind blowing duo of Neyo and Jonathan is back in action once again!!! They made a total of 20 finishes. Godlike had started this victorious journey by third-partying FS and Nigma Galaxy. What a team… WOW!!!

Highlights include a stable Miramar circle and a lot of early-on fights were seen. The way Godlike took the zone towards the end was sweet! Orangutan, like yesterday’s Miramar, easily entered from the northern side and got themselves in the top 3. As of the Enigma Forever, the goal of that factory position was commendable. On the whole, these two teams also delivered noteworthy operformanes.


Soon after the match began, we got to see a proper 4v4 fight of Soul vs Godlike! The result was as epic as the fight - Godlike won the battle without losing a single player! They continued playing with the same momentum they had in Miramar and made 7 finishes. The match however, was won by Nigma Galaxy who took 15 finishes with the chicken dinner. Chemin Esports and OR Esports had a good fight and so did Orangutan and Nigma towards the end. Both the teams had 2 players knocked. At last, wixxky’s nade completely wiped out Orangutan.

Soul is now #3 and Orangutan at #2. Godlike has made a significant and terrific difference in today’s games. This is also evident by the fact that Jonathan is #1 amongst the list of MVPs! Unfortunately, Soul was the first team that got eliminated in the last match with 0 points.

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