BGMI Master Series 2022 - Grand Finals - Day 5
8 months 2 weeks ago

WHAT A FINISH!!! This tournament was not like any other tournament. It had action, comebacks, nostalgia, but most importantly, it was backed by the emotions of all Esports lovers. After seeing this epic game, we hope that people have realised that “it’s not just a game!”



#3 ORANGUTAN 3 192


Let's have a glimpse of today’s highlights.

Everyone had expected a great start of this judgement day, but nobody was prepared for such a terrific start by Enigma Forever. OG couldn't take out points and FS took the advantage of the fight between Soul and OG. Similarly, Godlike took the advantage of the fight between Soul and ORangutan. Godlike somewhere tried to skip the fights, they judged their position very well. They understood that since they have led in the points table, they played defensive and were playing from the back. The circle seemed to not be favouring them. One of the important things they did was finish Global Esports. They used smokes and cars as covers as clearing the back by freezing the players was more important. The MVP of the match was VEXE of Skylightz Gaming. The team numbers were down in the final situation but they managed to survive by winning extra points. VEXE took a lot of time to come online in the match. He is one of the OG players of this series! He made a good comeback after a rough phase.

But everything in today’s match was about Enigma Forever. Till now their rotations were on point but in this match they made impeccable finishes! The team players lived on to the expectations of their fans. Before the match, they weren't even a part of the conversation about the top 3 winning teams as according to the panellists, the list of top3 contenders was something quite different. But Enigma Forever changed everything! They had good control of the position in the starting. Their last position in the open farm they handled really well. Their target prioritisation too was amazing because Skylightz team was on their right and if they had targeted them, then Godlike’s players, that close in really fast, would have finished them. Hence, they took Godlike first. The team seemed pretty clear and had come without any pressure. As their coach had promised before the game, everyone did get to see “something different… a lot of action!”


Nobody had predicted the chicken dinner would go to Blind Esports in this match. Global Esports almost had it. They were trying to do something different but the circle shift was unanticipated and they lost the game. Enigma Gaming was the sole roadblock for Blind Esports. Once the team was out, Blind got a good control of the compound. After a while, we got to see 8Bit joining them but Blind had a man-advantage in the final fights which they very well capitalised. Everytime Blind makes an achievement, the credits go to Rage or Zaddyy. But this time, the MVP was Deadpool. Team Insane gave a good fight too. Especially Mac’s 1v3 against OR by finishing 2 players with 1 nade and 1v1 with the last player.

The map also became a horror dream for Soul. Ideally, the two teams that fight for the compound are Soul and Godlike. This time, Godlike had capitalised it first. When the zone shifted, Soul decided to go around the field. While they were going, they met Godlike on the way, who had a similar thought process. Soul had not expected them there. Their healer, Hector, got knocked and Omega and Goblin could not do much. But Team Enigma Forever still had very good chances of winning. Their Cinderella story was still on!

(End of the match we got exciting news from the founder of Global Esports that a new BootCamp of the team is coming up in Kharghar pretty soon. Way to go Global!)


This match got very intense very quickly. Soul took the first-blood of the match! They wanted to carry on this momentum but due to casualties, could not do it. 8Bit and Soul had never happened before in the tournament. But it did happen today, when it mattered the most. This match was very exciting and entertaining. It was the last day and a lot of edge-to-edge gaming could be seen. The teams were changing their strategies every now and then and it was very hard to predict and analyse their moves.


OR esports won the last game but given their points lead, it was a hollow victory. The team was not satisfied with their win. They fought till the very end like hungry lions but it was too late!


So who won the tournament? Was it Godlike? The wait of 22 games and 80 days finally ended. 16 of the 24 teams entered the Grand Finals and gave countless favourite moments. Every single day, there was a new team that was vouched for as the favourites. But breaking all of that, we have got a come from behind, blockbuster underdog story on the night of the finals… the red carpet was rolled out, the bubbly on ice was put on for the champions of the BGMI Master Series 2022, GLOBAL ESPORTS!!! They started the day at number 7. Godlike were tipped to be the favourites for today but with a phenomenal consistent performance, GLOBAL ESPORTS created history, live in front of millions of Indian Television screens!!! The team went home with lots of applause, memories, victory and a cash prize worth millions!


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