BGMI Master Series - Day 2 - A remarkable comeback from Team iNSANE
9 months 6 days ago

Another day of the BGMI Master Series 2022, partnered by Nodwin Gaming and StarSports has successfully come to an end. The historic tournament is streaming LIVE on the StarSports Channel everyday from 8:00pm-11:30pm and has gained lots of viewers and their love and support so far.

After a Grand Launch Event and a terrific Day 1 of ‘OP’ gaming, we present to you the results of Day 2.


Overall Standings - Day 2

1st OREsports 6 1 81
2nd Team iNSANE 6 2 78
3rd FS Esports 6 0 75
4th Blind Esports 6 1 64
5th Orangutan Gaming 6 1 62


The overall standings witnessed a lot of scouting among teams. They targeted, chased and overtook each other to top the rank chart.

OR Esports has maintained the lead by gaining 23 more points today. Insane Esports was a great ‘flanker’ today as it replaced Orangutan to bag the 2nd place. FS Esports had a GG day too as it overthrew Chemin to secure 3rd place by gaining 46 total points in today’s game. The 4th and 5th positions were looted by Blind Esports and Orangutan who jumped from 29 points to 64 and 62 points respectively.

Of the top 5 teams of today’s games, only Insane Esports was able to win 2 chicken dinners for itself. Meanwhile, Blind Esports and Team Soul won their first WWCDs today. While Hydra and Rivalry Esports did manage to level-up today, the team that bottomed the chart today was Marcos Gaming with only 8 points, as it could not win a single point today.


Day 2 - Match Standings

1st Team Soul Team iNSANE OREsports Blind Esports
2nd Revenant Esports Chemin Esports Team iNSANE Orangutan Gaming
3rd Team XO TSM FS Esports Skylightz Gaming
4th FS Esports Team Hydra Skylightz Gaming TSM


16 teams were scheduled to play more matches than the remaining 8 teams. Hence, they have played a total of 6 matches while others have played 4 matches so far. Matches played between AxC and AxB involved guns, ammos, health, scopes and what not. But one thing was constant throughout, and it was the excitement to witness history being created as the first ever Esports tournament was being telecasted on the Indian Television.

To know more about the total points of each team and the amount of Loot and GG chicken dinners they secured, log into the official webpage of the Gaming Journal -