BGMI Master Series - LAN is back in a whole new avatar !!!
9 months 1 week ago

Behold yourselves as we declare the BGMI Master Series 2022 OPEN. Today, another page in the history of Esports was written as we witnessed the first ever Esports tournament being telecast LIVE on the StarSports channel. It was a historic and nostalgic moment, as every true gamer saw LAN emerge once again, this time in a whole new level, since its beginning in 2019.

The Grand Launch Event has officially marked the beginning of the Master Series 2022. It was a magnificent scenario. The arena was filled with the audience cheering for their favourite teams.

Each team made a grand entry in their team jerseys, bursting with excitement and thrill.


The Schedule for 1st Day of Week 1 was declared -


Match 1 Erangel AxB
Match 2 Miramar AxB
Match 3 Sanhok CxB
Match 4 Erangel CxB


To spice things up, a weekly prize pool worth INR 25 LACS was also announced.

  • 1st Place - 4 LACS
  • 2nd PLace - 1.75 LACS
  • 3rd Place - 1.4 LACS

And the rest of the amount will be distributed to the remaining teams according to their rankings. The best part is that no team shall be left without a cash prize. “To win more, they need to kill more".

The cheers and slogans of the audience had not even fainted when a Special Prize Pool worth INR 3.5 LACS was also announced.

  •  Rs.75,000 - HUNGER CURE
  •  Rs.50,000 - MVP
  •  Rs.25,000 - DAMAGER
  •  Rs. 25000 - SURVIVOR

And a lot more exciting categories were allotted for a prize money of Rs.25,000. Therefore, the tournament has been organised to be as inclusive and entertaining as possible. With so many categories, the teams were all levelled up and could not wait to barge into their phones and jump into the world of BGMI.

Every BGMI fan experienced a unique feeling today. It was nothing that they had never seen before, but for the first time in history, they were to watch their favourite game being played LIVE on television. The tournament shall be played for a month from now onwards. A lot of new memories will be created and it shall mark the beginning of a new journey where Esports will create a legacy to be followed for years to come.

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