BGMI Master Series - Week 2 - Weekly Finals. TEAM XO CROWNED THE KING OF WEEK 2 FINALS!!!
8 months 4 weeks ago


The Grand Week 2 FINALE has come to an end! It was a commendable 3-day event that witnessed amazing masterstrokes and killer fights between teams that fought ruthlessly to clear their way for the BGMI MASTER SERIES 2022 . 16 of the 24 teams played this finale from 1st July to 3rd July everyday from 8pm to 11:30pm LIVE on StarSports channel.



#1 TEAM XO 4 161
#2 ORANGUTAN 2 141
#3 TEAM SOUL 0 112
#4 TEAM 8BIT 1 110
#5 OR ESPORTS 2 105


The team to win this Finale is Team XO with 161 Total Points and 4 WWCDs. The team scored 39 points today. Similar to Day 2, Orangutan and Soul have won #2 and #3 Place for themselves with 141 and 112 Total Points respectively. Team 8BIT overthrew OR Esports to secure the #4 Place with 110 Total Points. OR Esports, however, made it to the TOP 5 with 105 points in total.

The team to win the most WWCDs was Team XO with 4 feasty chicken dinners. Teams 8BIT and OR Esports won 1 WWCD for themselves today. Orangutan and OR Esports now have 2 WWCDs in total. Team Soul unfortunately could not secure a single WWCD for itself. Apart from them, Skylights Gaming and Revenant Esports also won their 1st WWCD today.

Enigma Gaming had an unfortunate Finale as they could not improve their position and remained at the bottom of the points table. At the end of Day 3, their Total Points was 36 with 0 WWCDs.

All the 16 teams will be entitled to a cash prize for their exceptional performance and gaming skills in the Finale. However, as mentioned earlier, a list of Special Prizes have also been allocated for those teams and players that stood out from everyone else and are worth receiving a token of appreciation.Below is a list of the teams and players that have won a series of Special Prizes -



AKOP (Orangutan) MVP Rs.50,000
FIERCE (Team XO) Eliminator Rs.25,000
AKOP (Orangutan) Damager Rs.25,000
HECTOR (Team Soul) Doctor Rs.25,000
PUNKK (Team XO) Survivor Rs.25,000


The highest cash prize of Rs.75,000 was allotted to Team XO for the category of “Hunger Cure”. 

However, it's not over yet! Many more special prizes worth Rs.25,000 and more were given out to your favourite teams and players today

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