BGMI Showdown - Day 2 - Group Stages
8 months 1 week ago

With the second day of the SHOWDOWN coming to an end, all the teams are constantly experimenting new strategies and positions as the only motive is top 16! To maintain themselves in the finale, the teams need to be among the top 16 and that struggle could be seen in today’s games.


#1 OR ESPORTS 3 119
#2 TEAM XO 0 107


Let's take a look into the match highlights\


Soul was the first team to win the chicken dinner today. Omega did not seem happy because they could have eliminated Godlike with 2 more finishes. This spicy rivalry between Godlike and Soul is what we as viewers have a thirst for. Even though Godlike could not win the chicken, they were satisfied with the number of finishes they made in this match. Soul did not seem to be having a good game yesterday and successfully compensated that in today’s game. The team got divided during the landing but Omega got everyone together and went to the eastern side where the zone was being created every time. This prediction of Omega is something to applaud for.

Godlike became the old fierce Godlike who does not fear anyone and straightaway barges into the enemy. They took fights with everyone who came their way and made sure to finish them all! They pulled out a lot of finishes and great positioning points as well.

Soul and Orangutan were two teams that impressed everyone with their most awaited comebacks. Soul jumped today from #23 all the to #11! Driger of Orangutan was regarded as the MVP of the match with 6 finishes and 25:20 survival time. Their performance was terrific and was much needed after yesterday’s disappointing games. With today’s game they have gained confidence to carry on this powerful momentum throughout the day.



At the beginning of the match, most of the teams took an early drop and their judgement proved right as the circle was formed at that very place. Inspite of good judgements and tough battles, the celebration of this match’s chicken dinner was done in Gangnam Style by Kanary of R Esports. Not only did he win the MVP title with 5 finishes and 27:02 survival time, but also took the entire stage with fun and joy with his iconic victory dance! This match was indeed very important for R Esports to maintain their chances of winning the league.

The match began with their fight with Soul. In the fight between Godlike and OG we saw great defence by Godlike. It can be said that the team is coming back in form. Udog also had good opportunity to form their positioning. But due to lack of utilities, they had to face difficulties. The team is playing LAN for the first time and is no doubt living up to our expectations. If they carry on with this momentum, they are sure to make it to the top 5 of the chart.

“We faced pressure in the previous LAN. What we have this time is the energy and confidence”, this is what Kanary had to say. He also ended his interview saying “darta hai kyu darne se hota hai kya, khud pe kar bharosa fir dekh hota hai kya!”



OR Esports won the chicken dinner this time. The excitement and happiness was clearly visible in players as it was their third chicken dinner of the tournament. Jelly was directing as to where to take the buggy and was also marking the points. Throughout the game it was seen that OR is out of the zone and other teams are within. They took the advantage and finished them all and the way they entered the zone towards the end was simply unbelievable. It was a magical performance from their end!

The fight went to a final stage where Reckoning’s all the 4 players could be seen posing difficulties for OR. Skylightz’ players were also right behind them. It was a very difficult situation for them. But all of a sudden Attanki pounced on Reckoning and finished off the entire team. He along with Aditya took 11-12 finishes in this single match! But the way they turned the tables shook the entire lobby. Unsurprisingly, Aditya was the MVP of the match with 12 finishes and 27:05 survival time.

It was a much needed game for Revenant to restore their confidence. Team XO and Autobotz had a drop-clash but there was no fight as the teams were busy completing their loot and had different ways to go.



Hydra won the fourth chicken dinner. Jackson was the man behind it. Their reflex was on point and so was their clutch. They had low hp but still managed to finish a player and immediately changed the angle to finish another player.In the beginning it was XO vs BB and it seemed possible for BB to execute the squad of XO but in vain. They need to gather more momentum and confidence to remain in the tournament. Reckoning also needs to up their game after these continuous bad fights. Nigma was extremely close to winning this match; they thought they would be able to heal themselves but instead of increasing their hp they got it reduced. Who knew Hydra would take the advantage and turn out to become victorious.

FS had a good opportunity of a winner winner chicken dinner but they could not even revive the clutch properly. The team could have focussed more on the revival part; they could have used smoke to bring their injured players into the safe zone and then revived them. They tried to revive outside the zone but received several shots and lost the match.

The MVP of the match was none other than the clutch-machine MJ with 5 finishes and 26:27 survival time. Secret is no less worthy of the credits!



Global Esports were consistent in their performance but some mistakes lost them the match which was ultimately won by Skylightz Gaming. Interestingly, the team won the chicken in the fifth match yesterday as well as today. Moreover, Miramar is definitely their region now. They always tend to give their best performance on this map. The Skylightz is back with its form which it had in BMPS and BGIS.

The team had a player advantage and as we all saw, they were within the final circle with all of their four players and got an easy chicken dinner towards the end. Their positioning was upto the mark since the beginning. Their main priority had always been the circle and that's what they stuck to. They even avoided a lot of fights in the middle of the match in order to get into the circle.

However, the title of MVP was received by a player of Enigma Gaming named Rexx who made 3 finishes and 22:57 survival time. He had the advantage of higher ground and he utilised it to give a lot of damage to his enemies. He made good use of scopes and sprays. He has maintained this title since yesterday, so is Punk from Team XO.

Godlike’s position was also good but some shots of the enemy put them on the backfoot! Towards the end, XO also displayed brilliant gameplay as they managed to secure 12 important position points.



Global Esports was the inheritor of the last chicken dinner of the day. 7Sea also had a good game as they took 12 placement points home today along with 11 to 12 finishes which they made. The INS squad also displayed a good game with amazing placement. Crazy thought of doing something crazy and so did Joker but the players of Global Esports do not seem much excited about their victory as they had expected a lot more from this day. Their rotation was to the point but even Gill is not so happy about the win. Let’s hope they match their own expectations in tomorrow’s games.


The deciding day of this tournament is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 4pm.

Who do you think will make it to the top 16?

Which is your favourite team?

Will Global Esports win another chicken dinner tomorrow?

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