BGMI Showdown - Day 3 - Group Stages
8 months 1 week ago

What happened in the final 6 matches of this tournament? Which of the top 16 teams have qualified for the Final Battle? Let's see…


#1 OR ESPORTS 4 167
#2 TEAM XO 1 153


Let's take a look into the match highlights


K47 owned the victory of this match for his team OR Esports. Even though the team was leading the points table, it did not stop them from maintaining that commendable consistency and momentum. The team began the day with a whole new different planning. The match began with Soul vs Godlike where great effort was seen by Soul but Godlike finished them. The qualification of team Soul seems a little difficult now. The MVP of the match was AARU of OR Esports who, with 8 finishes and 24:32 survival time, led his team to victory. He played an amazing support role for his team. Jelly and Aditya were also among the top players of the match!

Clutchgod of INS had a really good chance of winning this game for his team as he had already made 5 finishes and was going strong but difficulty in entering the zone lost him his life and the match. It was good to see this talent play different from IGL as it paid off really well for the team. INS is indeed showing undeniable consistency and synergy. Had they not hastened, it could’ve been their game. Godlike too started-off their day with strength and confidence in their game plans.

One thing that is interestingly common between teams like OR, OG and XO is that these teams give exceptional performances in the league stage but fail to keep up that momentum when it is required the most i.e, the Finals. Hence, although the fans of OR were extremely happy with the team, a tinge of scepticism could also be felt. Nevertheless, it’s a winner winner chicken dinner for OR Esports! They needed 2 more consistent gameplays and it was going to be an easy qualification into the finale.



Without any doubt, the chicken dinner of Miramar was won by the Kings of Miramar, Hyderabad Hydras! Striker took a lot of finishes and value on behalf of his team. Reckoning Esports gave a much needed performance this time. TSM too took 11 massive points from this match (8 finishes and 3 placement points) which should probably be enough to qualify themselves for the finale.

The MVP of the match was Sarang from 7Sea Esports. He made 6 finishes, 822 damage and had a survival time of 24:56. However, except him, the list of top players of the match was owned by Hyderabad Hydras. Maxy, Striker and Aceblack, all three of them made it to the list!

A lot of mistakes were seen from team Soul. Hector was capable of a better performance and so was another player who could have played more patiently as his enemy was already damaged. A few more errors and we saw the elimination of team Soul. Udog also tried enough to give a good fight and they have 2 more fights to remain in the league. Most of these lost the match because of desperate finishes and the attempt to win more points towards the end of the game which lost them their man-advantage. Hyderabad Hydras was ready for these mistakes and thus, won the game.

As the matches were proceeding, it felt as if we were reliving the first day of Showdown which was conquered by OR and Hyderabad Hydras only. Is that what was going to happen today as well? Let’s see.



Team XO was all smiles and laughter as they had the confidence and momentum which was required to win the chicken dinner in this match. Inspite of the fact that Sensei was not playing with them, XO won the match. The team had the zone and within the zone, in the open ground, they had well-established their position. Therefore, it was not very difficult for them to spot other teams and finish them.

In the beginning we saw Reckoning vs TZS where Reckoning had a bad start whereas TSM had a good one. The team knew from where the opponents were going to peek and they targeted them accordingly. OR was on a whole different level and they proved that they have excelled in the technical skills required to play BGMI. Another interesting fight was seen between X Spark vs Hyderabad Hydras so was the fight between TSM vs Soul. Overall it was a topsy-turvy match.

It is very difficult to maintain consistency amidst immense pressure and demotivation when things are not going your way. But team Esportswala proved themselves against all odds and took the #2 place in this match.

This match was really necessary for team Soul. They have looted 22 points from this single match. They made 12 finishes as well but will they be enough to remain in the tournament? The MVP of the match was Goblin with 8 finishes, 1086 damage and 23:34 survival time. There was a time when everyone was afraid of Goblin’s performance. They could not see finishes and the impeccable performance he is known for, but when his team needed him the most, he was there! One thing about Soul is that inspite of their situation, they do not fear taking up fights. Only 1 match was left to decide their fate in this tournament. It was going to be a do or die situation for them.



.Hydra Esports played it smart this time! Secret was indeed a secret to the other two teams who were left in the last. He was a surprise surprise to them and it was a winner winner chicken dinner for him! HAIL HYDRA! He was brilliantly patient till the very end and he had great trigger control as he used his ammo to hit the right spot at the right time. The team now stood on #4th place. The team has a dynamic gameplay as the players are able to switch their form according to the situation quite easily.

For the second time, it was Soul Goblin who was termed as the MVP of the match with 4 finishes, 922 damage and 28:17 survival time. Goblin is Back!!! Soul had this one match to secure themselves in the top 16 and they played well enough to ensure that. The question now implied to Enigma. Will the points be enough to reserve their spot in the top 16? It was a mystery. Goblin was made the MVP but many hoped for Secret of Hydra Esports because the way he won the chicken dinner against all odds in a 3v4v1 situation was just impossible and Secret did it!

Team X Spark and Nigma Galaxy did a good performance. X Spark now has only 2 matches and they will either have to fight or flight. If they manage to win 40-50 points, they can still see themselves in the finals. Autobotz Esports had a tough day, a tough tournament and unfortunately, they are presumably out of the tournament as well. They tried hard but could have done much better. They were not their usual selves and let’s hope they learn from their mistakes and are back with a new form.



Jumping to the #13 position, this match was won by Orangutan. They played this one in a really calm and composed manner. However, as everyone had expected, there were hardly any heal battles that were witnessed. The MVP of the match was Jonathan from Godlike Esports with 4 finishes, 589 damage and 21:18 survival time. His movements were really good, especially inside the home where he located his foes and knocked them and then headed to control the roof. He even played a 1v4.

Orangutan and X Spark, it was an important match for both of them, and both of them performed really well. 12 placement points were bagged by team X Spark as well as the points of the fine finishes which they took. One deciding match is left for X Spark. Will they be among the top 16 qualifying teams? It was still a mystery! INS was in a strong and stable position and they took that advantage very well. The suspense also lied with TSM and FS who stood with 77 and 75 points so far. Their fate was yet to be decided. The day was getting more exciting and suspenseful with each passing moment.



Nigma Galaxy won the final chicken dinner of the day in Erangel. They bagged the #7th position with this victory. One of their players, Apollo, ranked #3 in the top players list with 4 finishes and 830 damage. The team gave a back-to-back performance today.

Revenant made a good start and they dropped a player of GE as well. But GE challenged them and finished them. Team Kinetic and R Esports played a good game and successfully reserved a spot in tomorrow’s finals. However, their victory created difficulties for FS and Soulomate. It could be the first time that FS has not qualified for the finals, which they successfully did in PS, BGIS and BMPS. They won 72 points in total and it seems that even that would be insufficient for them this time.

Godlike vs INS in Georgopole was an interesting fight to watch. In Pochinki, above the church, Hydra’s players and finished Godlike’s player. Team X Spark was in a rush because circle was approaching them from behind but they had not expected other teams would be joining them which ultimately led to their elimination. The MVP of the match was Gamlaboy with 6 finishes, 844 damage and 26:38 survival time.


The league stage has ended today and as excited as you are to behold the finalists, so are we. Check our website for all details.