BGMI Showdown - Grand Finals
8 months 1 week ago

After 3 days of league stage, 18 matches and 6 cut-throat matches of the Grand Finals, it was none other than 7SEA ESPORTS who won the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! Nobody had expected till the results of the very last match that this team would be the Winner! Not only did they win the magnificent trophy but also a humongous cash prize of INR 5,00,000. The runner-up was Orangutan, who won INR 2,50,000 and INR 1,00,000 was awarded to the 2nd runner-up Enigma Gaming. The MVP of the tournament was Spraygod (7SEA) who was awarded INR 50,000

This day of Grand Finals was full of thrill and excitement. Every single match had a new winner and it was extremely difficult, even for the panellists, to think of the winner.


#1 7SEA ESPORTS 2 92
#5 TEAM XO 0 55


Let's take a look into the match highlights


The first chicken of the Finale was bagged by Skylightz Gaming, that very team who had won the BGIS. all the 16 teams have only these 6 matches and Skylightz has already conquered the first one, that too with a lot of finishes. Their game in the end circle, and their attempt to save their man-advantage proved out to be in their favour. It was a perfect story of a chicken dinner. They have set a really tough competition for the other 15 teams. Although, even after the victory, the players did not seem to be satisfied because they knew that 5 matches still remain, and they shall have to be better than this.

The game started off with a fight between INS and R Esports. INS compelled them to move to the western bridge and complete their rotations on that side. On the other hand, INS went to the Eastern bridge and a lot of teams came their way on the eastern side. A lot of such entry points were seen in the game. The circle was a bit urbanish. It was created in the city area and a lot of good fights were seen there. A lot of teams thus had to play back and forth.

Given their performance throughout the league, it was expected that OR Esports should begin this auspicious day with the first chicken. But that did not happen, although they did perform very well. On the other hand, Team XO also gave an outstanding performance. History has it that whenever XO has the circle around its house, they win the chicken dinner. But this time, they did not have player advantage and the circle went away from them, towards Skylightz, who had man-advantage. All the 4 players of Enigma were playing really well but suddenly there was a grenade and they were struggling to survive. The MVP of the match was Rexx (Enigma Gaming) with 4 finishes, 846 damage and 24:36 survival time.



7 Sea is known to do wonders in the final matches of tournaments, that is what they did in BGIS and that is what they are doing today. The team won the second winner winner chicken dinner of the Showdown Finals. This win instilled the momentum and confidence in 7Sea which was sure to make them win this LAN. The match began with Hyderabad Hydras vs Enigma and then OR vs Nigma Galaxy and the contribution of R Esports in that fight was something to cheer for. OR Esports is expected to display the same consistency they had in the league stage. But, a lot of pressure was created on them in the match and they ultimately got eliminated. They need just 1 match to comeback in the game and only 4 matches remain! Will they be able to fight back? Let’s see.

The fight of 7Sea vs Orangutan was very important. The winner would have had the zone and eventually the way to enter the house. And even though Orangutan played well, only one team could have won that match. 7Sea had a better position and they were already present in that particular compound and a lot of slam-ins could also be seen by the team. 7Sea was the winner, but all eyes were on Skylightz Gaming as they ranked the #2 position. Will they win another official tournament? We could not say yet. But one thing was sure, Skylightz was on fire today!

The MVP of the match was also from 7Sea, Sarang! With 3 finishes, 706 damage and 28:46 survival time, he led his team to victory. Vikendi’s map is quite unpredictable. A lot of teams were found to struggle during their rotation and a lot of heal battles were witnessed. But Sarang played it off really well. Godlike vs Kinetic also happened where they finished two of their players. Their battle was about to happen in the previous match as well, but did not. OG vs Kinetic was also seen where Daljit was left alone to struggle. TSM had a bad start whereas Hyderabad Hydras learnt from their mistakes in the previous match and gave a better performance this time.



OG eliminated Kinetic at last and won the 3rd chicken dinner! This victory was needed by team Orangutan to make a comeback into this event. At once, it seemed as if Trigger was short of ammos in his M4 as he had 6 bullets and he was tapping and only one was left. But then he threw grenades and got umps which indicated that it was now others’ task to take over. They have the momentum. Now all they need is consistency to maintain their chances of winning this LAN. The MVP of the match was Drigger from Orangutan with 2 finishes, 808 damage and 23:47 survival time.

At first we saw the battle between Soulomate and R Esports and even though R Esprots gave massive blows in the end, Soulmate won the battle. The teams who were at the bottom of the list performed really well in this particular match. Kinetic and Hyderabad Hydras also made a good comeback. Hyderabad Hydras may not however, benefit from this performance because of the back-to-back not-so-good games previously. But it is important to realise that now the teams are not competing for #5th or #6th position. They are now battling each other for the cup and the prize pool that awaits them. Hence, all the fights should now be aimed to bag only the #1st position. SkylightZ Gaming has so far maintained the first the position, winning only 1 single point, whereas inspite of winning the chicken dinner, OG has come #2nd.



Bringing themselves to the #6th position, Hydra Esports won it this time. The map of sanhok stands a bit unpredictable and the amazing gameplay of Hydra made them the victor. Orangutan won 12 finishes and many more position points in this match. They are known for playing well in official tournaments like these but tend to get choked in the finals of such tournaments. The team proved this notion wrong and gave a commendable performance.

Rexx was once again regarded as the MVP of the match with 2 finishes, 855 damage and 22:04 survival time. In the beginning it was Soul vs Godlike where Shadow played 1v4. He was finishing one player where another just happened to come in his line of fire and thus gave him an extra finish. Fierce of XO also played well and so did Godlike. Kanary could have taken 3 finishes. He had already made a 1v3 game for himself but Hero was giving a coverfire from way back and this made their disadvantage. Skylightz were thought to win the chicken dinner this time but they were left behind by the circle and they got stuck. They struggled but it was not enough to make them survive.



Orangutan won their second chicken dinner of the finale. Without any pressure and complete calmness, they played it off. All they need now is 10 more points to win this LAN. they have jumped all the from #14th position since the 1st match of the day! A lot of aggression was seen from AKOP, which according to the situation, was also fairly justified. The MVP of the match was Spraygod of 7Sea with 4 finishes, 702 damage and 24:32 survival time.

Soul could have won this game but circle did not come their way. Hector did try his best but Soul’s gameplay was destroyed by Spraygod of 7Sea. They took 12 placement points and that one extra finish of Hector. A lot of third parties were seen in this match. However, as they always say that in BGMI it isn’t over until it's over. The teams still believe that they can win 35-40 points in the last match!



Conquering the arenas, winning the last and the most significant chicken of the tournament, it was 7Sea Esports who was the winner of this final and deciding match of the Showdown! They had the positioning, they had the finishing points, they had the confidence, the synergy and the commitment to win this game! AKOP did not know where to look, trigger did not know what to say. Orangutan was this close to the victory and yet so far.

7 Sea proved that the victory of 2 chicken dinners, at times, falls short of the victory! That is what happened to team OG.


After 3 days of ruthless battles, and 18 terrific matches, 16 of the 24 teams clashed against each other to win the BGMI SHOWDOWN TROPHY and the enormous cash prize that was to come with it! But the team who dared was 7SEA ESPORTS!!! Keep it up boys!

The league stage has ended today and as excited as you are to behold the finalists, so are we. Check our website for all details.