BMPS - 16 dynamic teams pave their way to the grand finals
9 months 3 weeks ago

5th June marked the end of the spellbinding League Stage of the Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1. Of the 16 extremely competitive teams that successfully secured their positions in the finals, OR Esports topped the chart. With 270 finishes and 9 chicken dinners in 48 matches, the team stood unconquerable at the top with 562 points.

274 finishes and 6 chicken dinners secured the second position for Team Soul with 519 points. The third place was captured with 488 points, by Team XO, led by Sensei. Nigma Galaxy was ranked the fourth position, followed by Global Esports and Hyderabad, who stood at the fifth and the sixth positions with 413 points and 407 points respectively.

Team Soul started strong by winning their 6th chicken dinner with 7 finishes in just the first match of the day. Autobotz gave tough combat to Team Soul but lost the battle with 9 eliminations. Team XO claimed 9 points, while Global Esports and INS were wiped out from the league with 1 point each.

A magnificent performance was put up by the Walkouts who won a 9-kill chicken dinner in the 2nd match. 9 frags and 3 frags were obtained by ACBC and OR respectively, allotting them the second and the third place. Hydra and INS collected 6 points each, while 3 points were achieved by both Nigma and Global Esports.

The ruthless Vikendi match was played between Group B and Group C. Hyderabad Hydras came out as the winner with 7 frags. The second and the third place was firmly secured by Big Brother Esports and Team 7SEA with 4 finishes and 12 finishes respectively. Team XO and SOUL gathered 7 points and 6 points respectively.

R ESports played on the Erangel Map and achieved victory in the fourth match with 9 kills. FS Esports showcased great skills as they garnered the second position with 9 kills. The third and the fourth place was captured effectively by Blind Esports and OR, with 13 and 12 points respectively.

A thrilling match in the final circle resulted in the victory of WSF with 9 kills. An aggressive Team SOUL came second with 12 eliminations. 23 points were scored by Team INS. Enigma, 7SEA and Hydra collected 1 point each. A humongous 16-kill feisty chicken dinner led WSF to pave their way into the finals in the 15th position. Blind Esports fought ruthlessly to secure a position in the finals, but could not win against its destiny.

The 16 powerful teams are all set to face each other on the BMPS Grand Finale from 9th June onwards.