Global Esports wins TEC Invitation Season 4 with 1 point margin
9 months 2 weeks ago

The TEC Invitational - Season 4 has finally come to an end. After a series of thrilling matches, innumerable kills, and fulfilling chicken dinners, we present to you the winners.


GLOBAL ESPORTS, with a total of 115 points and 1 Chicken Dinner, won the #1st prize of the championship. Even though the team was coming 4th until Day1, they fought, killed and won their way to the top, to be declared as the WINNER of the tournament.


The tournament MVP was TSM NINJAJOD who ranked #1 with a total of 21 finishes.


Team Marcos was closely chasing Global Esports with 114 points and after a tough competition, came #2nd with a difference of merely 1 point. Of the 4 teams that scored more than 100 points, Chemin and Team XO were #3rd and #4th respectively.


The top 5 winning teams:

Rank  Team WWCD Total points
1st Global Esports 1 115
2nd Marcos Gaming 2 114
3rd Chemin Esports 1 109
4th Team XO 2 105
5th  TSM 1 89


The team to come last was ORANGUTAN ESPORTS followed by ACBC ESPORTS with 36 and 37 points respectively. Even though Team 8BIT pulled off 1 Chicken Dinner, they ended up in the 10th position by the end of the tournament with a total of 61 points.


Day2 witnessed a lot of tables turn with the scope of top teams changing significantly.

Below is the list of the TOP 5 teams that were leading the tournament till DAY1 -


  • Chemin Esports - 1 WWCD & 79 Total Points
  • Marcos Gaming - 1 WWCD & 77 Total Points
  • Team Soul - 1 WWCD & 59 Total Points
  • Global Esports - 1 WWCD & 58 Total Points
  • Revenant Esports - 1 WWCD & 52 Total Points

Whilst Revenant had a major loss, ending up in the 6th position, Global Esports had a huge leap from the 4th to the 1st position in Day 2. Marcos and Team XO also managed to get another chicken dinner for themselves on Day 2. Team Soul was beaten down from the top 5 and ended up in the bottom with R-Esports with 81 total points each.

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