Hardcore battle between teams. Brutal slamdown for FS Esports , while OR Esports stands undefeatable. An OP comeback for Blind Esports.
9 months 3 days ago

With Day 2 of the 2nd week of BGMI Master Series 2022 coming to an end, there has been an incredible shift in the points table. All the teams are fighting neck-to-neck to qualify for the Weekly Finale scheduled to commence from 1st July till 3rd July. The excitement and suspense brimming among the audience seems unfathomable!

The Rank Chart has witnessed an astounding change today. While OR Esports continues to dominate the tournament so far with #1 Rank, 23 Finishes and 51 Total Points, the TOP 5 positions seem to have an amazing shift. #2 Rank, once held by Team Soul, now belongs to Revenant Esports with 22 Finishes and 46 Total Points. The team has had an amazing performance since the previous day where it had only 8 Finishes and 20 Total Points. With 43 Total Points, Team XO has overthrown FS Esports to capture #3 Rank.

It was an incredibly OP day for Blind Esports. A good strategy and skillful gameplay elevated Team Blind from #21 Rank and 4 Total Points to #4 Rank and 41 Total Points. With similar points and 20 Finishes Team Soul stands #5. Team iNSANE Esports showed an amazing performance today. iNSANE Macc did a 1v4 against Team Godlike. 


1st OR Esports 4 1 51
2nd Team XO 4 0 46
3rd Revenant Esports 4 1 43
4th Blind Esports 4 1 41
5th Team Soul 4 0 41


All the 24 teams have played 4 Matches in total in the 2nd Week so far. Revenant Esports and Blind Esports have won their 1st WWCD each today. Rivalry Esports also won their 1st WWCD.

Team Godlike is unfortunately having a rough patch with #24 Rank and 8 Total Points. Team Insane Esports exhibited pro kill-and-win skills and won 30 points today to jump from Rank #24 to #15 with 31 points in total.


Who do you think will win the tournament?

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