OREsports again starting the week with extreme domination - BGMI Master Series : Week 2 Qualifiers
9 months 4 days ago

The 1st week of Master Series 2022 has ended and from ‘survivor’ to ‘doctor’ to the ‘MVP’, everyone was rewarded whopping cash prizes worth Rs.25,000 and more! The 2nd week is off to an amazing start from today. Of the 24 competing teams, only 16 shall be able to make it to the “Weekly Finale” which is scheduled to take place from 1st to 3rd June 2022.

Today’s results were very promising for OR Esports as they ranked #1 with a chicken dinner and 51 total points. #2 place was bagged by Team Soul with 36 points. Teams FS and Skylightz are having a tough fight as they scored 30 and 29 points respectively. The winning team of the previous week, Skylights Gaming was ranked #4 today. The 5th team of the TOP 5 was Enigma Gaming with 26 total points. OR Esports, FS Esports and Enigma Gaming were the only teams to win their 1st WWCD each for themselves in Week 2 Qualifiers. 


Below are the end results of today’s game. Log into https://thegamingjournal.in to know more.

Overall Standings

1st OREsports 3 1 51
2nd Team Soul 3 0 36
3rd FS Esports 2 1 30
4th Skylightz Gaming 2 0 29
5th Enigma Gaming 2 1 26


While Team Insane came 3rd in the previous week, it has unfortunately bottomed today's overall standings list. It was an unlucky day for R Esports as well, who could not manage to score well today. While both the teams have 1 point in their loot, these amazing teams are sure to gear up and perform well in the upcoming matches.

As per the schedule, 3 matches were played by a group of 8 teams while 2 matches were played by a group of another 8 teams. To know more about your favourite teams and their performances, log into our website -