Overall Standings towards the end of Day 1 of BMPS
9 months 3 weeks ago

The end of first day saw a cut-throat competition between the 16 finalist teams, who fought 6 matches in the lethal virtual battleground to secure their positions in the chart and grab the feisty cash prize that eagerly awaits them.


Today’s victory was owned by Team Soul, who with 2 yummilicious chicken dinners and 81 points, stood unconquered at the apex. OR Esports and Enigma Gaming gave tough fights and demonstrated their gaming skills by securing the second and the third positions with 71 and 66 points in total, respectively. Global Esports, FS Sports and Hyderabad Hydras are not far either. They are furiously chasing the top 3 teams. While FS Sports is just 2 points behind Global Esports which stands with 64 points, Hyderabad Hydras need to buckle-up from 48 points to catch hold of the other two. While some teams had a great kick-start to the day, some did not have their luck favouring them. EsportswalaXWSF, Autobotz Esports, and Team Kinetic struggled through the day’s game with 13 points, 11 points and 8 points respectively. Team Kinetic now stands at the bottom of the chart with 11 bitter points.

While Team Soul bagged 2 chicken dinners, there were other teams too who were in for a party! Enigma Gaming and Global Esports grabbed one chicken dinner each for themselves. FS Sports and Hyderabad Hydras too were in for 1
chicken dinner each. The day witnessed nail-biting bites between different teams. We don't know who is going to win, but we know one thing for sure, that we are definitely in for a kill-filled PUBG ride! To know more about today’s match details, peep through the official TGJ website. Till then, LOOT, SCOOT & SHOOT!!!