Overall Standings towards the end of Day 2 of BMPS
9 months 3 weeks ago

Day 2 has ended and all the teams have performed commendably. With day 2's end, we present to you the overall standings of Grand Finale.

Team Soul is going incredibly strong and undefeated with 161 points in total. Leading the score chart, it has gained a total of 80 points in 6 games today. Today's game also witnessed a surprising turn of events as Global Esports remarkably surpassed OR Esports and Enigma Gaming to secure the second position with 128 total points.

While Enigma Gaming has maintained its 3rd position consistently with 119 points, OR Esports suffered a great loss as it was swept down from the 2nd position in Day 1 to the 4th position in Day 2. The team managed to gain 43 points only after Day 1 and now stands at 114 points in total. A total of 6 teams today managed to achieve more than 100 points.

FS Esports and Autobotz Esports have secured 107 points and 101 points respectively. While FS ESports maintained its place securely jumping from 62 points in Day 1, the Autobotz team took a massive leap from the 12th position to the 6th position. Now they stand strong with 101points of which 70 points were gained in today's games.

Day 2 also witnessed several Chicken Dinners. Team Soul won 1 chicken dinner while Global Esports won a feast of 2 chicken dinners. They now stand at par with 3 chicken dinners in total. Autobotz Esports and Enigma Gaming also won 1 chicken dinner for themselves.

R Esports saw an unlucky stepdown as they were pulled by Team Kinetic to the base of the chart with 35 points. Team Kinetic is now coming second-last with 45 points only. While R Esports only saw an increment of 12 point from the previous day, Team Kinetic still managed to win good 34 points.

With such turn of events, we also saw 7Sea Esports dominating Miramar. Despite consistent performances and being in top 4 OR Esports is unfortunately still waiting for their first chicken dinner. Today's highlights also included the spectacular performances of 2 players - GE Rony and Abz Orva. Both these players showed exceptional gaming skills by doing a 1v3 clutch.

It was an adventurous day with multiple kills and chicken dinners and amazing ups and downs. Look over to the official TGJ website to know more about today's game.