Soul and Godlike Rivalry in BGMI Showdown
8 months 6 days ago

Yesterday, something similar was witnessed at the BGMI SHOWDOWN Grand Finals. A battle, which was supposed to be played with wits and strategies, was played with ego and pride, and a lot more was lost than won! Two of the most beloved and renowned teams of BGMI, Team Soul and Godlike Esports, were seen in one of the most controversial fights of all time.

What happened? Who started this controversial fight? Whose fault was it actually? We have tried to answer these questions below. Continue reading and decide for yourself, whose side are you on!

After 3 days of League Stage, where 24 teams were competing against each other, top 16 teams qualified for the Grand Finale to win the magnificent trophy and an enormous cash prize of INR 5,00,000. The SHOWDOWN Finale consisted of only 6 matches over the course of just one day. (ESPL is soon to begin followed by the much awaited PMWI, which is scheduled to begin on 8 August 2022) 


The rivalry began from Match 3, Erangel.

The drop location of Godlike was Georgopole and that of Team Soul was Gatka. But, to everyone’s surprise, Soul left their own drop location to take a drop at Georgopole! It was a dropclash!

Our analogy: As mentioned earlier, PMWI is all set to begin from 8 August in Riyadh. As they have won the BMPS, Soul has been invited to play the LAN. Because of their rivalry, Soul did not want Godlike to win this finale and be invited along with them to Riyadh. To ensure this, they decided to dropclash in their location and eliminate the team.

To give effect to this plan of theirs, Shadow had positioned himself between Georgocity and Georgo containers on a hill with a good shooting angle. He first knocked Omega. Jonathan knocked Hector and since they both were in separate apartments, a lethal apartment to apartment fight was witnessed between the two teams. To take advantage of this situation, a third team, Global Esports, entered and a knock finish was given to Jonathan by Joker. For quite some time, there was silence. Neither did the teams leave the location, nor were they fighting. As soon as the second zone was created, Global went towards it to complete their rotation. After the third zone was created, Akshat made a double knock and finished Zgod and Neo. From team Godlike, only Shadow was left. He tried picking a fight with three of the Soul players, but was eliminated by Goblin. Godlike, thus ranks #14th position.


Match 4 - Sanhok

This time it was Godlike who, leaving their own drop location, took a drop at Ruins, which was Soul’s drop location. Hector was eliminated at first followed by Zgod and Jonathan of Godlike. It was a 2v3 fight where 2 players of Godlike were battling 3 players of Soul. Shadow put down Soul’s two players with a spray. Then he hears the last player, OMega, who was present in the room right in front of him. It was a 1v1 fight where Omega was finished. Now, it was a 1v4 for Shadow. Godlike finally eliminated Soul where a casualty of 2 players was faced by Godlike.

Our analogy: This entire flight was unnecessary and could have been avoided by Godlike had they not taken it on their ego. Soul attacked them on their drop location last time and to take revenge, that is what they did this time. However, they did not realise that, given their current statistics, they could not afford such a risk. But they anyway took it and thus, faced the consequences.


5th Match - Miramar

Soul’s drop location was Pecado and Godlike’s drop location was Hacienda del Patron. However, things took an interesting turn, as there was no fight this time! Yes, you heard us right. SInce Soul decided to drop on Godlike’s location to pick up a fight with them and Godlike decided to drop on Soul’s location with the same motive, both of them landed on each other’s drop locations and thus, there was no fight.


Yasnaya Polyana was the location in the 6th Match.

3 teams took a drop here, Soul, Godlike and Global Esports. It was a mind blowing fight! The first fight was between Global and Godlike where one player of Global and 3 players of Godlike are finished. Only Jonathan is left! TSM enters the scene and it is TSM vs Soul now! With Soul’s amazing gaming skills, TSM is out of the lobby within 20 seconds! Jonathan killed Manya. Hearing the sound of ammos, Soul, which had backed off a little, came back towards Godlike. Now there are 4 people in front of Jonathan. Jonathan is eliminated.

Our analogy: Had Godlike stuck to its own game and would have focussed more on scoring points rather than their ego battle, they would have won this LAN and not lost their opportunity to play in Riyadh.


These are just assumptions and analogies which are not intended to spread any kind of hate against any of the teams. Hence, you are requested to take them in a sporting way.


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