Team Soul wins BMPS with a huge margin !!!
9 months 2 weeks ago

The most awaited hour has finally come. What an incredible day it was! From thrill to excitement, joy to disappointment, suspense to nostalgia, the BMPS Grand Finale witnessed a plethora of emotions. With fantabulous gaming skills and massacring dozens of players, the winner of the BMPS Season 1 was declared and awarded the mindblowing prize pool of INR 2 CRORES!

The team who came last was EsportswalaXWSF as it gathered less than 80 points in the entire tournament. Managing to secure an insignificant 18 points today, the team struggled hard to hold the ground but unfortunately could not do so. While most of the teams did not experience a change in their ranks from the previous day, there were two teams who laddered down the rank chart miserably. Autobotz Esports and 7SEA Esports suffered a woeful setback from 10th to 12th rank and 8th to 10th rank respectively since yesterday. The reason for their sink was an increase of only 14 points and 10 points in today’s game. Team XO gave its maximum potential to make the most of the finale. The team started the
day in the 11th position, surpassed 3 teams since then and ended the day in 8th position, winning a total of 188 points. Enigma Gaming bashed Nigma Galaxy out of the top 5 players to grab the 3rd position with 228 points. While the wounded team Nigma ended up in the 6th position with 205 points. Only 6 of the 16 teams could successfully score more than a double century of total points! Serving themselves a delicious fried chicken dinner, Team XO, Big Brother Esports and Global Esports won 1 chicken dinner each. While it was the first chicken dinner for Team XO, the other two had filled themselves with a banquet of 3 and 4 chicken dinners respectively.

Of the top 3 winning teams of the BMPS Grand Finale, the second runner-up was Enigma Gaming with 228 total points and 2 chicken dinners. It leaped from 159 points and gained a pleasing 69 points today. The first runner-up was OR Esports, who in 24 matches collected 250 points and 3 chicken dinners. It bagged 81 points and two meal-full chicken dinners at the finale today. They were rewarded a huge sum of INR 35 lakhs for their stunning gameplay.

And now, coming to the most awaited declaration. The 1st place was won by none other than the one and only Team Soul! Team Soul had gone out strong and unbeatable since the beginning. Having 335 points and 5 winning chicken dinners, Team Soul has indeed brimmed its fans and followers with immense pleasure. The team has become all “Richie Rich”, bagging a humongous cash prize of INR 75 lakhs from the 2 crores. The well-deserving team secured 75 to 80 points everyday on an average and a total of 166 total finishes in the tournament. The amazing God-player of the team, Soul Goblin holds the credit of being the ‘MVP of the tournament’ with 71 solo finishes and 200+ finishes in the entire BMPS tournament.

The highlight of the tournament was the stupefying combat between Mortal and Viper in the last match. The spectators became nostalgic as they revisited the good ol’ days that came alive when this duo was ferociously unstoppable. With loads of fun and cherishable memories, and a promise to come up with more spine-chilling tournaments and competitions to boost the spark of E-Sports that has been ignited within us, TGJ announces the end of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series - Season 1. Check our website for all details about the tournament.