Team XO wins the first-ever PUBG Mobile New State Tournament
1 month 4 weeks ago

Esl Snapdragon Pro Series ended on 29th January 2023. It was the first LAN tournament for PUBG Mobile New State organized by ESL India and Nodwin Gaming with a massive prize pool of 1cr which was sponsored by KRAFTON. The announcement of the tournament by the officials was enough to give a hint that PUBG Mobile New State would be the next big thing in the scenario of Indian Esports Industry. The tournament was a huge success and showed everyone the potential the game holds in itself. 

After the BGMI ban, big organizations like S8UL, Godlike Esports, Team XO, Global Esports, and Skylightz Gaming, etc. have already started investing in New State, forming teams, picking up players, and training them. They also know that PUBG Mobile New State has the potential to be the next big thing in the future. As the game is new and KRAFTON has also recently started investing such a huge amount in the tournaments, there is an equal opportunity for every organization and player to make it big. There is no such concept of underdogs and professionals here as of now. Everyone is on equal grounds now. People will have expectations from already established organizations but new organizations or teams should not be underestimated. This tournament proved this thing, as we saw many new teams emerging as the best. 

Team XO is carrying the same form as they carried in BGMI,i.e, going the aggressive way. Whether BGMI or PUBG Mobile New State, Team XO is dominating everywhere. Winning the first tournament of New State with such a massive prize pool is enough for everyone to understand what potential the players of team XO carry within themselves. Punk and Fierce, the deadly duo were seen dominating the grounds here too. 

Godlike Esports, the name goes with their performance “God-Like”. One of the most aggressive teams in India matches the same level of aggression and expectation of the audience in PUBG Mobile New State. The game might change but in case of the number of finishes, GodLike will always be on top. GodL Reflexer becomes the MVP of the tournament, and the legacy of GodL players becoming the MVP was reflected here also. 

Other teams such as S8UL Esports showed complete domination during the challenger final stage. The team to grab most WWCD in the tournament. The rivalry between S8UL and Godlike was visible here too for their fans. Many new teams such as Team Nexgen, Wanted Gaming, and Deadrow Esports showed the potential they have. They all gave a very tough competition to the other participating teams. In the future, all eyes will surely be on them, who knows they could be the next big thing if they continue to perform consistently.