TEC Invitational Season 4 - About Teams, Schedule, Prize Pool and a lot more
9 months 3 weeks ago

The BGMI International - Season 4 was declared open by The Esports Club (TEC). The INR 15 lakh event shall commence on June 6. The tournament will be held in two stages - the League Stage and the Grand Finals. The League Stage begins from 6th June to 13th June, while the finals are scheduled to take place on 14th and and 15th June consequently. 32 teams shall compete ruthlessly against each other in The League Stage, out of which only 16 teams shall be able to secure their positions in the Grand Finale.


1. Team XO
2. Big Brother Esports
3. Nigma Galaxy
4. Team Forever
5. Hydra Official
6. Marcos Gaming
7. Reckoning
8. Retribution


1. TSM
2. Skylightz Gaming
3. Team 8Bit
4. Autobotz Esports
5. Walkouts
6. Chemin
7. Global Esports
8. Enigma


1. Team Soul
2. Orangutan
3. 7SEA Esports
4. FS Esports
5. Blind Esports
6. R-Esports
7. Team Celtz
8. Rivalry Esports


1. GodLike Esports
2. Team X Spark
3. Hyderabad Hydras
4. Revenant Esports
5. Kinetic
6. OR Esports
7. GOG Esports
8. ACBC Esports


1st Day - June 6
➢ Group-A V/S Group-B (2 Matches)
➢ Group-C V/S Group-D (2 Matches)

2nd Day - June 7
➢ Group-A V/S Group-C (2 Matches)
➢ Group-B V/S Group-D (2 Matches)

3rd Day - June 8
➢ Group-B V/S Group-C (2 Matches)
➢ Group-A V/S Group-D (2 Matches)

4th Day - June 13
➢ Group-A V/S Group-B
➢ Group-C V/S Group-D
➢ Group-A V/S Group-C

➢ Group-B V/S Group-D
➢ Group-B V/S Group-C
➢ Group-A V/S Group-D

GRAND FINALS - 14th and 15th June


The winner shall be entitled to 46% of the total prize money, i.e. INR 7 lakhs of booty! The runner-up shall receive a wholesome of INR 4 lakhs. The third and fourth position securers shall be rewarded with INR 2 lakhs and 1 lakh respectively.


The matches will be livestreamed on the TEC YouTube Channel at 5:30pm IST on every matchday.



The TEC International - Season 1 was held in August 2021. It was won by Reckoning Esports. TSM and Skylightz Gaming secured the 2nd and the 3rd place respectively. The second season commenced in September 2021. It was won by Team XO. TSM occupied the second position in the event. The third season commenced in March 2022. The first position was bagged by Global Esports. The second position was claimed by GodLike Esports, followed by Chemin and 8Bit. The TEC International -Season 4 is about to begin anytime soon now! Which teams are you vouching for? Who do you think is going to smash everyone to grab the amazing cash prize this time? Check our website for more details.