TSM wins GSG Majors India Season:1
1 month 4 days ago

GSG Esports recently conducted a vast BGMI tournament with a massive prize pool of 500K. The tournament was divided into three weeks. Each week featured a certain amount from the prize pool and only a certain number of teams can only qualify for the next week. For more details on the tournament format, click on the link below - 


Week 1 
Team Soul completely dominated the battlegrounds again. After Battleground India Master Series, we have seen team Soul again in such a long-run tournament with the same domination. They became the champions of Week 1, followed by Reckoning Esports in the second position and Team INS in the third position.
TSM NinjaOP became the MVP of Week 1.

Week 2 
What a show and performance it was from the side of 4King Esports. They were utterly lethal. In the previous week, they missed some points and were in the 4th position but not this time. Everyone learns from their mistakes and so does this team also did. They became the champions of Week 2, followed by Team Soul in the second position and TSM in the third position. Talking about TSM, this time they showed teamwork which was somewhat lagging in the previous week. Ninja became the MVP but the team somewhere was pretty much behind in the points table. 

Acid Esports impressed the audience a lot. An underdog giving a very tough competition to the top teams. They finished in the 6th position on the points table. Soul Goblin became the MVP of Week 2.

Week 3 - Grand Finals 

What a grand finals it was. Intense and energetic. Full of domination. 

TSM became the ultimate champions of GSG India Majors Season: 1. The rhythm and confidence the team gained in Week 2, they carried with them in the grand finals. A dominating performance by them. Team INS secured the second position, hard luck for them. They just missed by 12 points. This team also showed what an aggressive looks like. Acid Esports came third. One more underdog team is making a national statement that if given a chance to prove themselves underdogs are one of the best teams among all current fan-favorite teams. Cheers to them. 

A heartbreaking moment for all the soul fans. Team Soul dominated Week 1 and 2, they also gave a tough competition in the grand finals but some things just did not go right for them. They finished 5th on the points table. 

The 5 teams that performed well were TSM, Team Soul, Acid Esports, Dynamic Esports, and Team INS. All of them were the most consistent teams in the tournament. 

Sayyam became the MVP in the grand finale from team TSM. 

Team Soul emerged as the fan-favorite team.