Upthrust Esports in Shark Tank India
1 month 2 weeks ago

Upthrust Esports is one of the leading esports organizations and has contributed immensely to the growth of esports in India. The main things that the organization does are that it organizes and produces events and tournaments for gamers in India. 

 Kartik Sabherwal, the owner of Upthrust Esports, and Vaibhav, head of business development, had to clear many rounds before finally appearing in front of the sharks on national television. It is a very proud moment for all the casual, and professional gamers and fans who support gaming in India. Gaming is reaching new heights in India and will soon be recognized as a career. 

The episode featuring Upthrust Esports was aired on 7th February 2023 at 10 PM on SonyLIV App and Sony TV India. Both of them came on stage and introduced themselves and the company. They pitched their idea. The judges questioned what were the different revenue models they were using, the total turnover of the gaming industry in India, and other questions. Two sharks, Amit Jain, and Anupam Mittal took a demo of a game and looked at their production. They asked for 750K for 3% equity. All the sharks rejected the offer, but it was a big achievement for the gaming industry in India to go on such a big show and pitch their ideas. Soon gaming in India will be a huge industry. 

After the show, the owner of Upthrust Esports, Kartik Sabherwal quoted, “our main motive was not to get any investment but to spread awareness about gaming and esports to a larger audience.”