What is happening to OR Esports? Shocking Blow by Team XO !!!
9 months 1 day ago

The Week 2 QUALIFIERS have ended today and all of us are amazed to see the qualifying 16 teams for the Weekly Finale that starts from tomorrow, 1 July - 3 July 2022. The 4th day, Week 2 of BGMI Master Series 2022 has left every spectator baffled with the surprising shift of ranks in the points table.



1st Orangutan 8 2 131
2nd 8BIT 8 1 104
3rd Team XO 8 1 83
4th Enigma Gaming 8 2 82
5th OR Esports 8 1 73


The team which seemed unconquerable once has now been conquered by not 1 but 4 teams. Yes, OR Esports has been reduced to #5 with 73 Total Points and 1 WWCD. The team has been unable to win a single point for 2 days

consecutively. Earlier it was defeated by Orangutan from rank #1 and today it was defeated by Team XO from #rank 3. What is the reason behind this downfall? Look at our official website https://thegamingjournal.in/wiki/tournaments to know all about it. 

Fans of Team XO had a joyous day as they witnessed their team won 37 points today and came #3 with 83 Total Points. The team was ranked #11 until yesterday. Yet another massive comeback was added to the list of this historic LIVE tournament.

Team Orangutan has come #1 with 131 Total Points. It has won a total of 2 WWCDs. Another high scoring team of today was Team 8BIT. It won 50 massive points today and its first WWCD. It ranked #2 with a total of 104 points and 1 WWCD by the end of the day.

Enigma Gaming, which was coming #2 until yesterday, could win only 9 points today. It ranks #4 in the points table with 82 Total Points. Orangutan and Enigma Gaming are the only teams with the maximum number of WWCDs i.e. 2. The team that has come last, i.e. #24 is TSM with only 29 Total Points and 0 WWCD.

The Week 2 QUALIFIERS have officially come to an end today and TOP 16 teams have been selected to play the Weekly Finale from tomorrow. Watch the StarSports channel from 8:30pm to catch the LIVE streaming of the finale.

Log into our official website https://thegamingjournal.in to know the list of the TOP 16 teams, results of your favourite teams and whether they have Qualified for the Weekly Finale or not.