EGI Revamp Battle

Dates: 01 Aug - 05 Aug 2021

Prizepool: ₹ 80,000

Winner: Revenant Esports


Group A Group B Group C Group D
Team SouL Team TapaTap Team F1LS Team Revenant Esports
Team XO 7sea Esports Global Esports Team IND
Skylightz gaming Marcos Gaming Enigma Gaming IYDxTT
Revenge Esports Red Owl Gaming OR Esports Inside Out
LiveCraft Esports Element Esports Coming Soon Blind Esports
Recoking Esports 8bit Team Roxx 4kings

EGI Revamp Battle: 1st August 2021 to 5th August 2021.

Maps: TPP Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok.

League Stage: 1st August to 4th August 2021.

• 24 Invited teams have been divided into 3 groups (A, B, and C)
• Teams will play against each other in a round-robin format.
• 12 Matches to be played over a period of 4 days.
• Top 16 teams advance to the Grand-Finals.

Grand-Finals: 5th August 2021.

• 16 Qualified teams from the League Stage will play in the Grand-Finals.
• Teams will face off in a total of 5 matches to determine the winner

Match # Map WWCD F Date
REVAMP BATTLE D1 • M1 ERANGEL Team TapaTap 13 01-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D1 • M2 MIRAMAR ForceOne x LegStump Esports 9 01-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D1 • M3 ERANGEL Skylightz Gaming 18 01-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D2 • M1 ERANGEL Enigma Gaming 12 02-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D2 • M2 MIRAMAR Element Esports 7 02-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D2 • M3 ERANGEL Global Esports 4 02-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D3 • M1 ERANGEL 8bit 6 03-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D3 • M2 MIRAMAR IYD x Team Tamilas 9 03-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D3 • M3 ERANGEL OREsports 12 03-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D4 • M1 ERANGEL Revenant Esports 11 04-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D4 • M2 MIRAMAR Global Esports 10 04-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D5 • M1 ERANGEL Team XO 18 05-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D5 • M2 Miramar Coming Soon 8 05-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D5 • M3 Sanhok Team TapaTap 14 05-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D5 • M4 ERANGEL OREsports 15 05-Aug-2021
REVAMP BATTLE D5 • M5 MIRAMAR Skylightz Gaming 5 05-Aug-2021